Although this site is mainly concerned with what Vintage Wine Investments has for sale, we are just as keen to buy as we are to sell. We are constantly looking for new stocks and are interested in purchasing full cases of any top quality fine wine that has been well cellared. Odd bottles of especially rare wines are also of interest. Bordeaux wine of Classed Growth quality is our main area of interest but we will consider buying wines from all the other regions that you will see featured on this site. Please note that we can only consider buying wines with a total value of €500 or above. We can arrange collection from cellars in Ireland, the UK and Europe and our aim is to make it as straightforward and as profitable as possible for you to sell your wine through Vintage Wine Investments. We offer two ways of doing this:

You can check our current selling prices against wines listed on this web site. We will be pleased to list your wines at these prices. When the wines are sold we deduct a 10% commission which means that you receive 90% of the selling price. There are no other deductions for VAT, storage or insurance whilst we are selling the wine. Please note, however, that any existing storage charges due must be settled before we can agree to sell wine on your behalf

We are also cash buyers. Depending on market conditions, we will buy most wines outright at our current selling price, less a 15-20% margin. This means that you will normally receive at least the current auction hammer price and be paid as soon as the wine is delivered or collected. Our expert staff can take care of all arrangements such as bond transfers, collections, condition reports, re-packing and valuations.

Please contact Denis Hartnett if you have any stocks that you might consider selling. We offer an unrivalled service, buy at the correct market prices and make sure that payment is sent on time